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3D Fiber Lashes

I have tried many types of mascara and always went back to Great Lash because it is always has the best results for me.

I had heard of fiber lash mascara and because I read so many negative reviews, I did not try any brands. The reviews said that the fibers got into the eyes but when I use Younique, I did not have any issues with the fibers what-so-ever.

I also slept without washing the mascara off and I still did not have any eye itching or irritation.   The mascara rubbed off during the night but I had no raccoon eyes in the morning.


I use my regular mascara on my lashes, then the transplanting gel, followed by the fibers. I do this twice and then apply my regular mascara again. My lashes look 3x as thick as and slightly longer than with regular mascara.

Since I wear glasses, it is hard to get my eyes to stand out and this does the trick and doesn’t look gloppy. I wear it day and night.

I borrowed the picture because I did not get a great shot but the results are what you will get when you try it.

I’m impressed.

My representative is Kristin Williams. Delivery is prompt and I haven’t seen anything comparable in the stores.

To get your 3D Lashes go to www.youniqueproducts.com/kristinwilliams


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86 beauty companies gathered to show their wares at the PHAMExpo beauty show in Pasadena this past weekend.  PHAME stands for Professional Hair and Makeup Exposition and is decidedly different than any of the other beauty trade show because it featured emerging and entertainment industry artists with fresh ideas. For those of us in the industry (me at 30 years) that want to see what is actually new, this was the show to attend.

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Makeup & Hair For Media


•How to choose correct foundation shades for any skin tone & multi-ethnic skin

•Flawless camouflage priming application for long lasting all day make-up wear

•Flawless and camera ready make-up application techniques

•Proven marketing techniques that will increase your clients and revenue in your salon or make-up business

•Color theory for makeup artistry and wardrobe

•The booking and pricing: types of business

• Set Etiquette

• Script Breakdown & Call Sheets

•The contract: safeguard methods of ensuring payment

•Kit essentials: where to buy your tools and how to choose

•Certificate of Completion and take home packet with informational handouts

When & Where: Monday, October 25 at 9:00 -1:00 pm

Vanity Salon & Spa 520 Heather Place Nashville TN 37204 – 615 292 5657

What to Bring: Please bring your make-up brushes, make-up kit, and hair tools.

Cost:  $75

Book A Workshop

RSVP: Terry Akins tgpublicimage@yahoo.com     818 415 6922

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I just received a box of VIP cosmetics.  My favorite product is the Liquid Shine with vitamin E. Although it is a little on the sticky side, I like the way it plumps my lips and keeps them from being dry. The healing qualities are superior to any other lip product that I have used.  I prefer the colorless Lip Shine for daily use.

Lip Shine  is available online at http://www.vipcosmetics.com

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They include more makeup in their foundation so it is lasting a much longer time than the others that I have tried. I like the full kit because I can use a foundation and contour with the slightly darker shade. I have tried a lot of mineral makeup brands and this is my favorite..(via Colorevolution)

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SOIE Cosmetics has created “No-Mess-Pressed” minerals in a convenient compact. Each SOIE Cosmetics Miracle Teint pressed mineral compact contains two shades, one light for all over natural coverage and one for contour.  Mix it together for a perfect custom made color that’s perfect for your personal skin tone.


SOIE Miracle Teint compacts are available in #3, Light/Medium or #4, Medium/Dark. Select the shade closest to your general skin tone. Unlike traditional makeup, mineral makeup does not have to match the skin perfectly because it naturally reflects light and warms up with the skin, so it looks like your wearing nothing at all. SOIE Cosmetics are free of harmful ingredients to skin, hides blemishes, smoothes wrinkles, evens skin tone using ingredients from nature. No additives. No harsh chemicals, No oils, talc, or fragrance. This is your best ever powder especially for post-operations, acne-prone or sensitive skin.

 Our Price:$27.00

Shop: http://soiecosmetics.com

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 On The Go?

Afterglow Glow Kits are here! They are available in three shade ranges, Light, Medium and Deep Medium.

 What the kit contains:

* Two Organic Mineral Foundations
* One Organic Mineral Blush
* One Organic Glow Bronzer
* One Organic Setting Powder
* One Mineral Eye Shadow
* One Baby Kabuki Brush
* One Swirler Dish
* One Afterglow Cosmetic Bag
* Application Instructions

Why you’ll love it:

Selection: Each shade range includes a wide range of powders and the perfect combinations.

Compact: The powders are packaged in a neat stack perfect for travel and your makeup bag.

Easy to use: The Swirler dish makes it easy to tap out the right amount of powder to swirl your brush in. Snap the cap on to save any excess powder for next time.

Cruelty Free: The Baby Kabuki brush is super soft and vegan (taklon – not animal hair).

Gift it! Perfectly packaged for the perfect gift for friends and family.

Reuse it! The stackable containers are ideal for reuse as travel containers for any of your favorite mineral powders.

FREE Priority Mail Shipping on Starter Kits until April 30th, 2008.*

 Afterglow Cosmetics is composed of pure mineral ingredients, 100% vegan, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Bismuth Oxychloride Free while offering the highly pigmented color palette you crave.  Afterglow’s products have continuously been among the most highly rated for safety on the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep Report” website. Afterglow are also proud signers of The Breast Cancer Fund’s Compact for Safe Cosmetics (Campaign for Safe Cosmetics) to advocate for safer cosmetics.  PETA approved! Afterglow Cosmetics Glow Kit $59.00

Shop: http://www.afterglowcosmetics.com

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