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3D Fiber Lashes

I have tried many types of mascara and always went back to Great Lash because it is always has the best results for me.

I had heard of fiber lash mascara and because I read so many negative reviews, I did not try any brands. The reviews said that the fibers got into the eyes but when I use Younique, I did not have any issues with the fibers what-so-ever.

I also slept without washing the mascara off and I still did not have any eye itching or irritation.   The mascara rubbed off during the night but I had no raccoon eyes in the morning.


I use my regular mascara on my lashes, then the transplanting gel, followed by the fibers. I do this twice and then apply my regular mascara again. My lashes look 3x as thick as and slightly longer than with regular mascara.

Since I wear glasses, it is hard to get my eyes to stand out and this does the trick and doesn’t look gloppy. I wear it day and night.

I borrowed the picture because I did not get a great shot but the results are what you will get when you try it.

I’m impressed.

My representative is Kristin Williams. Delivery is prompt and I haven’t seen anything comparable in the stores.

To get your 3D Lashes go to www.youniqueproducts.com/kristinwilliams


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Jlife Haircare launches Drench! dehydration remedy for the Hair.


The winter months can be unkind to our hair leaving it feeling dry and brittle. Drench contains an exclusive moisture complex combined with Sea Moss from the Carribean, a seaweed renowned for nourishing and re-mineralizing de-vitalised hair. The therapeutic formulation was created by celebrity hair stylist Andrew Jose for the needs of his clients.


I tried this conditioner after I had my hair colored this week.  I dried and styled, my hair smelt fresh and clean. My naturally wavy hair was bouncy and did not feel weighed down. Drench is a new staple in my home now!


 For more information visit: http://www.jlifehaircare.com

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