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About “Ain’t I A Woman “ The Book

This book is a strong collaboration of talent, that is showcased in the photo presentation…Each Shoot is more than a picture! It’s an experience! Celebrity Hairstylist DaRico Jackson along with an amazing team of make up and styling people, carefully selected to fit each genre’ for each lady with awesome photographers to compliment and capture the moment!… As the reader you will enjoy relating to these women, there stories and you will have a whole new coffee table book experience, to not only empower you as an individual, but hopefully it will inspire generations of women for years to come.

The women in this book range from Hollywood Actors to Entrepreneurs. It will not only show how women have progressed over the ages, but it will platform some of the most powerful people on earth. You can look for Amazing talent and beauty with the likes of “wonder women”, such as Actress Motivational Speaker, Producer/Director Tasha Smith, The producer and creator of the “My Black is Beautiful Campaign sponsored by Proctor and Gamble, Keisha Mitchell and Business Mogul, Producer/Music Management Professional Tina Davis, just to name a few… The main focus is to showcase talent, and enlighten the world with some beauty secrets and hair testimonials that only they know, and you will soon find out! Come along with us to CELEBRATE THE BLACK WOMAN!

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His major broadcast makeover shows include:
“Renovate My Family,” (FOX)
“I Lost It” (Discovery Channel )
“Head 2 Toe Makeovers”(ETV)
“A Second Look” (Lifetime)
“Pulled over” (MTV)

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 The big problem with some celebrity products is that they have great marketing but no substance. Diana B is one of those cases.  The line is just a bunch of stuff thrown together with old claims, Hollywood producers, and PR behind it. 

There are new and innovative products that actually work with educated beauty professionals behind the products but you will never see them.  There simply isn’t enough money to promote great products, so the egomaniacs and production slobs that have money but no substance easily squash these people.

 Producers have nothing to do with the real and innovative products so most people do not hear about them.

Diana claims that her “stuff” is a miracle; well it would be a miracle if that garbage actually worked.
I bet if you looked closely at the un-retouched photos that you’d find that you’d be better off using Vaseline than Diana B and it would do a better job.

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