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Ever wanted your own product line?

Well, even after you get the line there are barriers to getting your products into the marketplace. BOBSA removes these barriers and helps get your product in front of the buyers that are looking for new answers but not always getting them.  Beauty bloggers of all shades have helped to tear down those barriers but here is one more answer.

The BOBSA Salon Specialist Program is designed to jumpstart the process to owning your own beauty supply or distributorship. Become an independent consultant and discover a whole new way of barrier to entry.  http://bobsasalonspecialist.com/

BOBSA boasts of connecting the black dots but from my experience it connects all the dots and dashes regardless of your physical appearance might be.   I no longer feel like I am swimming in  the sea of  the beauty industry alone.  BOBSA threw me a life saver.



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Burner Balm, lip balm protects your lips from harsh elements and is infused with appetite-curbing, energy-boosting ingredients. The product line was developed because so many people do not like to swallow pills and several popular energy boosters contain extra calories that have adverse effects on weight loss. The solution of putting on a flavored lip balm could be a distraction from eating, similar to chewing sugar-free gum. The formula is safe, with the natural ingredients that are known to help increase energy level, such as Green Tea and Hoodia extract and Chromium Picolinate.


 Burner Balm is currently available online at http://www.burnerbalm.com at $5.99 and lasts for 3 to 4 weeks when used as directed. Burner Balm comes in five yummy flavors, Acai Berry, Original, Strawberry, Vanilla and Pomegranate and is not recommended for children under 12


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