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 The big problem with some celebrity products is that they have great marketing but no substance. Diana B is one of those cases.  The line is just a bunch of stuff thrown together with old claims, Hollywood producers, and PR behind it. 

There are new and innovative products that actually work with educated beauty professionals behind the products but you will never see them.  There simply isn’t enough money to promote great products, so the egomaniacs and production slobs that have money but no substance easily squash these people.

 Producers have nothing to do with the real and innovative products so most people do not hear about them.

Diana claims that her “stuff” is a miracle; well it would be a miracle if that garbage actually worked.
I bet if you looked closely at the un-retouched photos that you’d find that you’d be better off using Vaseline than Diana B and it would do a better job.

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Get your samples at Nashville  Red Carpet Salon Night Out
October 24 4:00-8:00 pm 

Vanity Salon & Spa
520 Heather Place
Nashville TN 37204
615 292 5657


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 Luzern Labs has redefined skin care as we know it by combining state of the art clinical technology and organic ingredients. Although the two seem at odds with one another, Luzern products are grown organically without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The cosmeceuticals are grown in a pristine alpine environment and subject to the highest purity standards. Each product in he Luzern line contain vital nutrients to combat the environmental damage while reducing skin inflammation and keeping the skin in its most pristine condition.  


Luzern Labs Skin care is Available at Fred Segal Beauty, Located at 500 Broadway in Santa Monica California or shop online at: http://www.fredsegalbeauty.com      

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