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86 beauty companies gathered to show their wares at the PHAMExpo beauty show in Pasadena this past weekend.  PHAME stands for Professional Hair and Makeup Exposition and is decidedly different than any of the other beauty trade show because it featured emerging and entertainment industry artists with fresh ideas. For those of us in the industry (me at 30 years) that want to see what is actually new, this was the show to attend.

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Album Cover Release Keisha


Darico Jackson tops the hairstyle charts once again this year with his disconnected style that Keyshia Cole has made trendy worldwide. She is now in the process of changing her hair again to accommodate the growth process. This is a great lesson for all of us that have tried new styles and then want to stay stylish while during the growth process.  I will be following each style as she makes the changes.


Keyshia Chicago Backstage

Keyshia Cole Chicago Backstage

Visit Darico Jackson at http://daricojackson.com



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Hair Artist Association president Charlotte Howard talks  with celebrity hairstylist Darico Jackson about the latest in Hollywood Hair on the HAA Radio Show,  Wednesday, April 25, 11:00 am EST. http://www.HAARadioShow.com http://thehairartistassociation.org/

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Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Jose brings you a round-up on the best hair and beauty looks from the catwalks of Europe

 New hairstyles to inspire hairdresser and client alike

 2009, fashion forward women will stand out, cut their hair shorter or let it grow and wear it free and full




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Bangs and Bobs!  The hair forecast for fall/winter 2008 includes a plethora of bangs in any length. Long shaggy ones, long blocked ones, side swept ones, mini, short fringe, short block, round, diagonal, flipped, feathered and spiraled. You can even color them for the trendy new “Bad Girl” look. Bangs are their own service with their own identity. 

Bobs, bobs, bobs!!!  Yes, they are still here. Last I checked, they were going out…but it looks like they’re here to stay! I’m seeing long ones, short ones, medium, asymmetric, layered, high lift, wedged, flipped and my personal favorite, “team it up with bangs!” The best thing about bobs is that they all have a common uniformity that allow for versatility in style.  Use your favorite mouse or gel and scrunch some funky texture in your bob and let air dry or take your favorite wax and piece out your bangs. The results are phenomenal!

If you’re in Beverly Hills you can book an appointment at Darico’s studio:
Amiri at the Chess & Berman Bldg.
9911 West Pico Blvd.
Phone: (213) 446-0096

Email: darico@amiristudio.com

His celebrity clientele includes Tasha Smith, Michael Ealy, Tichina Arnold, Raven Simone, Paula Abdul, Dawn Robinson, Lorraine Toussaint, Eartha Kitt, Dianne Shur, Tanya Blaunt, Trinity 5:7, and Cherelle.



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